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Current Affairs?

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Importance Of Current Affairs Preparation For UPSC?

Current Affairs are one of the most important aspects of UPSC preparation, so we will understand the importance of current affairs in detail in the below section:

  • Every year, about 15-20 current affairs questions are asked directly in the UPSC Prelims exam.
  • 60-70% of the questions in the UPSC CSE Prelims are related to current events in some way.
  • If a bilateral river conflict is in the news, for example, the GS paper can ask static questions about the river or the states involved.
  • Despite the fact that it does not appear to belong in the current events category, the impetus for asking such questions is certainly derived from a recent event.
  • As a result, for all three parts of the UPSC test, it is necessary to study Current Affairs thoroughly.
  • Furthermore, it has been observed that comments that include allusions to current events receive higher scores in UPSC Mains, showing that the candidate is aware of current events.
  • As a result, UPSC hopefuls must be well-versed in current events in order to perform well on the UPSC test’s current affairs questions.
  • Some of the primary topics in which questions are posed in the current affairs part include central and state-sponsored programmes and policies, recent bills and acts adopted in parliament, budget, economic assessment report, foreign relations, science, and technology, and so on.

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